Make Presentations Come Alive!

What is the ultimate challenge to techies, researchers, and financial professionals?

You offer a powerful product or service that can truly improve the customer’s situation. But . . .

. . . it’s technically involved and difficult to explain to non-technical decision makers and colleagues from other disciplines. Equations, spreadsheets, schematics, chemical formulas and engineering specs form the foundation of the power behind your product, but it can be tough to make them understandable and exciting at a gut level.

We’ll help you turn that around.

Make Technical Presentations Come Alive!

gives participants the applied skills to deliver a highly technical and stimulating presentation by learning how to:

  1. Transform “the facts” into “the message”
  2. Capture the listeners’ attention within 60 seconds
  3. Edit jargon that confuses non-specialists and insert words that connect
  4. Create and use visuals and graphics that highlight vs. compete with your message
  5. Design the flow to keep you—and your audience—engaged
  6. Manage Q&A periods most effectively


Keynote Speech (60-90 minutes) demonstrating these instantly applicable techniques using illustrations, interaction, materials and how-to’s.

Workshop (One or Two Full Days) demonstrating each skill in depth. Each participant will design, edit, and present a real-life presentation and receive individual coaching. Video option (no extra investment) can be used, with everyone receiving a personal DVD for further learning and reinforcement.

Designed for:

    • CFOs
    • Technical and Research Directors
    • Project Managers
    • Financial Managers
    • IT Managers
    • Accounting Professionals
    • IT Professionals
    • Engineers
    • Financial Professionals all levels


"Steve is the type of professional that immediately puts you at ease. An excellent coach, he provided me with great insight and creative ideas on ways to better communicate and present myself to others.” 
J. Confaloni, Weber Distribution

"Steve is an excellent judge of personalities and situations. He is able to tailor training and coaching programs to fit the needs of the individual or groups. I would strongly recommend Steve and his partners. . ."
Jeffrey Carlton, Minerals Technologies, Inc.

Steve Roesler Factoids

Steve once made 59 speeches in 63 days while on a business speaking gig across the entirety of  South Africa. He fainted from exhaustion on day 61 in front of an audience of 3,000. When he awoke, he received a standing ovation. Steve is thinking of making this a regular part of his practice.

Steve coached the first African-American finalist, Miss New Jersey, in the Miss America Pageant.



More Curious Facts...

Steve once conducted sales presentation training for Pfizer with the participants being flown in from China and Brasil. Neither group spoke English. The two days were simultaneously translated in both languages and proved that a combination of design, focused graphics, and modeled activities can actually help you to bump up your game.